What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.  NLP is a way to work through negative emotions and thought patterns, to help people to think more positively, be more decisive, and feel more motivated and confident.  NLP can be used to work through many different issues including anxiety, depression, phobias and general worries.  It can also be used to build confidence, face new situations and work through transition periods such as changing school or jobs or moving house.


NLP works for both adults and children of any age.  It can be delivered in one to one sessions at school or in the home setting.  Parents can be present during a child's NLP session if appropriate. NLP sessions can also be arranged for groups of children in school, to support behavioural and emotional issues, or to work through specific situations such as preparing for exams (SATs, GCSEs, A'Levels, Music Exams etc), or moving up to high school, college or univeristy.


Whole class training sessions can also be arranged to give general ideas and strategies to support a whole range of topics, including confidence building, coping with stress, preparing for exams or positive thinking.


Please contact Harriet for more information about NLP sessions.

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